Monday, January 7, 2013

#telemonster references a technological monster as we appreciate art

This music is different for me coming from a heavy metal background. i have to admit, some of the other bands in this same genre do nothing for me.
i dont care for grizzly bear, i find the name to be deceptive to the fact that their music has almost no bite. i find quarter day at good will to be something that makes my ears perk up, and give my wife a budget. or weigh her down with a pocket full of change.

i am not current. and I'm not hip as much as i do own obnoxious ties and jacket combinations, drink pbr, and have the same unfortunate attribute as most hipsters do, i point my fingers at other hipsters and make fun of them while i hang out with other hipsters who laugh and complain that we listen to npr who would call our black president a hipster.

which leads me to our next point. the lack of a death star. the reason why, in my opinion, the hair bands that i grew up with have no need to exist.
smashing guitars seems to have no place in today's music. a 3 chord riff has become repetitive. the big guy at the gym is accidentally wearing a shirt promoting tom waits. because in this day in age, being bigger in japan, seems to be more successful that using satan as a marketing tool. either pro or con. the devil was a marketing tool for the average 80's band that i grew up with.

now it seems that the only devil in music is in the details.

and this is a reason that i like telemonster. or is that correctly written #telemonster. i wont pretend to know what is in the forefront of underground music. what i do know is that good musicians have come in and out of my underground church of think, music and art venue.

and telemonster is the only band who has written a song based on crashing on the hard wood floor that is well written to the point that i didn't recognize this fact. their songs are well written and stick in your head.
Is the official new song from our bands fearless front man. and i have to say, what i feel belongs in a conversation smoking cigarettes outside of a convenience store. I like their earlier videos better. they represent a minimalism that coincides well with the visuals. I am certain that cara reed has seen one of my favorite scenes in american beauty. a plastic bag blowing in the wind.

not like the 30 rock sitcom where the bag gets stuck in a tree and mocks a repressed childless icon.

a bag, which like the trashcanless ghetto i live in, has freedom. freedom to explore boundaries. to find the fence and collect like pigeons huddled for warmth.
i believe things to be looking up for this band telemonster. i recommend them. they have a time rock edge which i have not seen in any other folk music.
and a lyrical interest which will not lead you astray.

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